Keen to quit smoking?


There’s never a ‘good time’ to do it! How many excuses have you already made that quitting smoking would be better then rather than now?

The Boughton Clinic offers support in breaking the nicotine addiction. Through consultation we will discuss the triggers and frequent timings that you smoke, your reasons for quitting and the overall impact that smoking brings and more importantly, how your life will change becoming a non-smoker.

During the appointment a bespoke remedy will be made that provides an energetic replacement to the clients regular cigarette brand. When you feel the need for a cigarette you would have the remedy drops instead. Yes, you are expected to choose the remedy over the cigarette!

The remedy will also include stabilisers to support the client through the weaning off period.

We understand that breaking the habit can take a while and some bumpy times, so we offer a 3 appointment support service for just £120.


Let us help you to quit smoking, you’ll be glad you did.

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Client participation



  • Will power is required
  • A commitment to the programme must be made
  • 100% willingness to participate breads the best outcome
  • Your excuses bring your own failure
  • The reality is your addicted
  • Do you want to be controlled by nicotine?