Bella Higgins at the Boughton Clinic with a client using the Asyra Pro

Homeopathy in Ashford - What To Expect from Bio-Energetic Stress Screening

The Boughton Clinic is a relaxed and stress-free environment where clients are able to talk freely about their health.

Our service looks to achieve the highest possible standard of wellness in every client. Initial consultations are 90 minutes in duration – giving you the time and space to talk freely about your experiences, health and symptoms.

Our aim is to screen for ailments and provide homeopathic resources and support to ensure you feel confident healing at home.

Most clients only need 1-2 sessions, for mild issues and 4-6 for more severe ailments.

Many of our clients choose to opt in for 30 minute top ups 2-4 times per years to enjoy a boost in their system. 

During your first consultation you will enjoy the opportunity to chat with Bella and take part in bio-energetic screening.

The screening will provide a report based on your electromagnetic signals which in turn provides insight into your system and how it is functioning.

From the information in your report, Bella will recommend a personalised health plan to support your system at home.

Energy medicine can be provided in a liquid form or in easy to use pilules. Supplementation is only recommended where beneficial.

We hold stock of the highest quality supplements and tinctures. Please feel welcome to ask how we can assist you with other recommendations. 

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bio energetic stress screening in kent for food intolerances and homeopathic medicine.