Food, Gut and Environmental Sensitivities

Sensitivities like hay fever can worsen over time. The body’s sensors become increasingly stressed, a type of hyper sensitivity. Homeopathics can be used to assist with desensitising allergies and retrain the body to not recognise things as an allergen. In doing so the symptoms of an allergy subside.

Congestion, runny noses and sinus problems are very often an imbalance of sensitivity.

We have an extensive catalogue, allergen sensitivities, food sensitivities/intolerances and also phenolic sensitivities.   Phenolics are chemical compounds that contribute to the scent, taste or colour of foods. Combine all these and we have a comprehensive list of ways to help.

It’s often thought that food sensitivities and food allergies are one of the same. The two are very different. A food allergy is one where the body has an immediate abnormal reaction to a food type. The immune system see’s it as a offending item and creates antibodies to fight it. Where as a food intolerance or sensitivity are far milder reactions, like gas or bloating, discomfort like indigestion.  Fortunately food sensitivities can be lessened by addressing the health of the gut. Once the gut is healthy it is possible to reduce the sensitivity to food types.