Bio-Energetic Stress Screening, Homeopathy & Nutritional Support in Ashford

Welcome to The Boughton Clinic

The Boughton Clinic offers the very latest in digital bio-energetic stress screening technologies and natural support to promote health.

We are dedicated to helping people with natural remedies, expert nutritional support, crystal healing and the highest quality supplements.

Our alternative therapies are a helpful option for open-minded clients who have come to the “end of the line” with other services.

When people attend The Boughton Clinic, they have usually experienced a trauma, sickness or other heavy strain on their system that has resulted in “never quite feeling the same again”.

Our wellness practitioner Bella Higgins will be delighted to help you understand and support your body towards feeling back to your old self.

Common symptoms and ailments 

Gut & food sensitivities

Stress and trauma related illness

Fatigue, brain-fog and anxiety

Hormone changes

Skin conditions

Our Asyra Pro Equipment

The Asyra Pro is the world’s leading Advanced Bio-resonance health screening system.

This is a quick, non-invasive digital assessments and consultations cover non-specific symptoms, sensitivities, food issues, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, dietary issues and chronic pain.

Digital scanning allows our clients to explore the root causes of a multitude of symptoms and can move towards optimal health and better quality of life.

All clients receive a tailored report of the screening and a personalised health optimisation plan to take home.

photo of Bella Higgins homeopath in Ashford Kent
Asyra Pro homeopath screening machine

Start your journey towards feeling better

Understanding Your System

Our process has benefited people with a huge range of issues from chronic pain to weight loss.

Our Technology

Our comprehensive, non-invasive screening process is used as part of every consultation.

Tailored Remedies

Once your issues are understood, we can help support your journey to optimal health.


Bella Higgins

Bella Higgins

Wellness Practitioner


Hello, my name is Bella. I am the wellness practitioner at The Boughton Clinic. If you are new to natural remedies, homeopathy or alternative healing practices, please feel welcome to get in touch. I would love to answer any questions you may have.

I became interested in alternative healing when I became seriously unwell. You can read about my story here.

Call or WhatsApp Bella:

07580 344443


Wow!! I’ve had 3 sessions with Bella so far. I came with severe scalp psoriasis and chronic fatigue. Who knew that both of these conditions were symptoms of gut parasites?! To date, my scalp is far less irritated and significantly less angry looking, I have loads more energy too. I’m less bloated and sleep much better too!! I’ve even lost 10lbs!! I’m thrilled at the results so far. Bella is professional, supportive, empathetic yet focused and passionate! Can’t wait to see where my next remedies take me! Thank you Bella xx

Sara Bishop

The whole world needs to know about this service, its life changing! Go with an issue and the professional Bella is able to resolve it plus more. We discovered all our food sensitivities, settled hormones and even sorted out hay fever symptoms. We won’t be without this now – game changer. Superb.

Corrine Hussain

I’ve been to the Boughton Clinic twice and both times was a great experience. Bella is very kind and friendly, she was understanding and listened to me. After the first visit she gave me a recommendation of what to change in order to feel better and after my follow up appointment, it came back that they had worked. I’m very grateful to Bella for helping me make life changes I always thought would be too difficult to make. Thank you!

Charley Anne

Bella Higgins with a client using the Asyra Pro bio energetic stress screening machine

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