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Comprehensive Digital Screening for Optimal Health

State of the art digital screening

The Boughton Clinic offers the very latest in digital technology and nutritional knowledge to promote health. Decades of continuous improvement now finds the Asyra Pro the worlds leading Advanced Bioresonance Health Screening System. The quick, non-invasive digital assessments and consultations cover non-specific symptoms, sensitivities, food issues, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, dietary and more. We explore the root causes of a multitude of symptoms and can move clients forward toward optimal health.

Our Comprehensive Process to Optimal Health

Understanding Your Issues

Our process has benefited people with a range of issues.

Bio-energetic Screening

Our comprehensive, non-invasive screening process is used as part of consultation.

Assistance Tailored To Your Needs

Once your issues are understood, we can help support your journey to optimal health.