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Homeopathy is widely used around the globe and, without a doubt, has many fans and followers. The Boughton Clinic based in Ashford produces first-class, tailored remedies, based on what your body chooses to heal itself.

Everything in life has an electromagnetic fingerprint or signature. Words like aura and chi are good examples to describe the electromagnetic energy that surrounds the human body and indeed drives the very life within it. Each and every cell type has its own fingerprint, its own little identity.

The Asyra Pro bio-energetic stress screening has thousands of individual signatures with in it’s software. We focus on the root cause inside the body causing issues such as inflammation.

Each assessment and the bio-feedback is measured as either balanced, weakened or stressed.

When weakened or stressed responses are found the Asyra Pro will simultaneously run a number of remedies or supplements to assist with progressive health.

Bioresonance, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, flower essences, breath work and yoga are all examples of techniques that have an ‘energy medicine’ component.

In the energy medicine process, the body is encouraged to heal itself.

‘Like cures like’ is the foundation of homeopathy.

For example – if we were to allow the chemical form of mercury in to our body we would suffer a range of debilitating symptoms. If we take the energetic signature of mercury in a Homeopathic form the body receives an instruction to stimulate the removal of  mercury. It will promote our body to heal itself and in doing so the symptoms would decrease.

Our immune system works in the same way. The B cells within our immune system identify the causal problem, note the electromagnetic signature of the disturbance and pass that on to the T cells. They in turn go out and track down the same signature and get to work on healing. That’s the body healing itself.

When we imprint those signatures into a liquid medium it is a specific program that is designed to start the restructuring to optimal health.

Asyra Digital Homeopathy

The Principles of Holistic Practice

  • All parts of the body are interlinked
  • The body is by nature self-repairing when given the correct tools
  • Your practitioner will help you move your body towards optimal health
  • We provide a catalyst for healing, your body does the rest
  • We look at the causes of issues, and at long term health – symptom suppression does not heal
  • Your body knows best what it needs