Bella Higgins

We have choices; we just have to embrace them.

The Boughton Clinic

The Boughton Clinic is set in the beautiful countryside just 3 miles from junction M20 in the village of Boughton Aluph. With easy access and parking you can be sure to arrive relaxed for your personal consultation.


Bella’s story

Some years ago I was suffering badly with an undiagnosed postoperative infection. My health had diminished over time so much so that my afternoons were mostly spent with an immeasurable amount of chronic fatigue.

I would often take time off work during my menstruation as terrible bouts of pain would leave me on my knees.

I visited my surgeon and doctor on many occasions, was given a treatment plan spanning 6 months for something I later proved wasn’t even an issue regarding my health. I begged, pleaded and insisted that further investigations were carried out, but to no avail. Apparently my symptoms were ‘non-specific’ and ‘hadn’t been heard of before’. I remained very poorly with no answers from the medical sector.

From having this long term undiagnosed infection my immune system went into overdrive. That lead me to having autoimmune issues affecting my thyroid gland and all the nasty problems that go with that.

With my families support I made the decision to seek private medical intervention.

My new surgeon wasn’t too keen to open me up for what seemed non-specific symptoms. When she did however there was proof in the pudding that all had not been well for over 18 months. She took photos of my insides, none of which resembled anything remotely looking like ovaries although I did at that time, still have two.

I was both happy that I was right and had been right all along,  yet terribly sad that my situation had happened and allowed to continue for so long. She tidied me up on the inside but my problems with my immune system continued.

A client of mine at the time recommended Bio-energetic Stress Testing as an option. She herself had had great success with a persistent cough. I made an appointment with a clinic not knowing what to expect but I was hopeful.

That consultation proved a life changer. With subsequent treatment and a little time, my life turned around. I will be forever grateful that this service and treatment type existed and to Jackie for being such a capable practitioner and the care an attention given by all at the Celestine Clinic. The Boughton Clinic exists because of my experiences, for the support network that I had, for all the science that is yet to be properly accepted and for all those who I look forward to meeting.

My experience taught me a lot about alternative therapies. It is wildly fascinating and my interest in Bio-energetic Stress Testing and energy medicine has continued. I now look forward to educating others in this type of assessment and assistance.

Coupling my 15 years experience working in the health, fitness and rehabilitation sector with my qualifications in Nutrition and the Asyra, I too look forward to changing people’s perspective to energy medicine, the science behind it and digital health screening.

We all have a choice. The way in which we have been lead to address our health issues isn’t the only way. The pharmaceutical sector is struggling with its approach of one pill fits all. We have choices; we just have to embrace them.