Asyra Pro

The Asyra Pro – 30 years of refinement of energetic testing

The Asyra Pro is the result of decades of continuous improvement in applying the principle of energetic assessment by electro-dermal testing and is the most advanced bioenergetic testing device on the market today. It is the worlds # 1bio-energetic screening system. The Asyra screening system provides information about the energetic origins of client’s health challenges, such as, allergies, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, structural issues, metabolic issues and many more.  The Asyra Pro will also determine the appropriate set of treatments or remedies based on bioenergetic principles and practices.

In a recent double-blind study conducted by E.Alan Jeppsen, M.D. and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D. of the University of Utah Alternative Mediceine Department, the Asyra showed a 97% correlation with blood chemistry using a clinical pool of 1800 patients.

Everything in life is energy. It is recognised by the medical world that we are electromagnetic beings and this is often applied in diagnostic machines. MRI machines work with magnetic energy, ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKG’s are an electronic representation of what is in the heart and EEG’s are an electromagnetic representation of what is in the brain.

The in-depth client consultations allow the practitioner to set up the screenings with the symptom type in mind. This evaluation is without practitioner bias and is solely based on each individual, their physical, mental and emotional makeup at that time of testing. No two individuals are the same.


Safe, accurate, non-intrusive assessment