The Boughton Clinic Services

  • First consultation 90mins including remedies is £92.50
  • Subsequent follow ups, if required are £82.50
  • Emergency appointments available as well as 30min remedy refresh


07580 344443

Please feel rest assured that any discussions are completely confidential.



Energy Medicine


Energy medicine regards the organism as an energy and informational system rather than a mechanical device. It approaches the body based on wider science of complex, living consciously interacting systems, identifying, and aligning to, healthy patterns of function, rather than ‘fighting disease’.

Dis-ease = lack of ease, before disease

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Nutritional Supplements


With our wide range of first class supplementation we can fully support your journey to optimal health. Individual supplements can be tested through your physical system in order to identify those that assist in bringing your body back to balance. Likewise if your already receiving supplementation we would ask you to bring these along to your consultation so we can assess how these are reacting with your body.

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